University of Florida Junior Honors Medical Program

The University of Florida Junior Honors Medical Program (JHMP) ( ) is a combined (seven year) baccalaureate/M.D. program. Admission is open to all possible candidates who are United States citizens or permanent residents. This program is intended for undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior scholastic ability and personal development during their first two academic years of enrollment at a 4-year accredited science degree granting institution, and who are dedicated to pursuing medicine as a career. When accepted to this program, a student secures a place in medical school at the University of Florida, College of Medicine as long as the JHMP requirements are completed and academic standards are maintained.


  1. Academics

By the end of the second year of undergraduate work in a 4-year accredited science degree granting institution, applicants must have completed the following courses:

  • Biology – 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours)
  • Calculus – 4 semester hours (6 quarter hours)
  • General Chemistry – 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours)
  • Organic Chemistry – 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours)
  • Additional 3000 (or higher) level math or science course (STA3024 or MAC2312 ).


Applicants should have taken at least 7 to 9 credit hours of science per fall and spring semesters.

Eligible applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.7 in all College level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math classes (not overall GPA).

AP and IB credits will be taken into consideration, but will not be used in the GPA calculation.  To be most competitive, students with AP or IB credit in a class (e.g. Biology) are advised to re-take that class at the University level or have completed additional coursework in the same discipline at a higher level (3000 or higher).


  1. Volunteer Activities

Applicants must be able to demonstrate volunteer activity in a medical area. Preferably, applicants will be able to demonstrate at least one consistent medical volunteer experience. Volunteer activity in a non-medical area is of value, but is not afforded the same weight as consistent medical volunteer work.


  1. Research

Prior involvement in research is not a requirement for admission to the JHMP. However, JHMP students complete an Honors Research thesis during their junior year, so a research background may prove beneficial.

For a list of research opportunities here at the University of Florida, please visit this page:


  1. Residency

This program is now open to non-Florida residents. Applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents.  Please review this page to see if you are still eligible.


Application Timeline

Jan 16, 2014 – Application and Program Info Session, 5-7pm HSC C1-15.

Jan 16, 2014 – Primary Application available online

Jan 31, 2014 – Primary Application deadline

Feb 7, 2014 – Official transcript deadline  (non-UF applicants)

Feb 28, 2014 – Secondary Application deadline

End of March/Beginning of April 2014 – applicants informed of interview decisions

Acceptance decisions will be announced once spring grades are released

If you have further questions please contact:



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